April 2023 Sales Report of Electric Scooters

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Electric Scooters Sales Report April 2023 

There is a noticeable increase in the sales of electric scooters in India every month, and people are now preferring electric vehicles over petrol ones. The current electric scooters are quite impressive compared to the older ones, offering not only excellent range but also amazing features. The current electric scooters are capable of providing a range of 170 to 200 kilometers and can reach a top speed of up to 110 kilometers per hour.

When it comes to the features of current electric scooters, they come equipped with advanced and superior technology features. You can find features such as touch screen infotainment system, music player, speakers, LED and projector lights, mobile charger, alloy wheels, disk brakes, fast charger, and Bluetooth connectivity among all the modern features. The sales figures for electric two-wheelers for the month of April 2023 have been released, providing an insight into the growing awareness and popularity of electric vehicles in India, particularly in the two-wheeler segment.

As with every month, we are here to present the top 10 companies that have achieved the highest sales of their electric two-wheelers in April. This trend of increasing sales of electric two-wheelers in India over the past few months is indicative of the country’s growing interest in sustainable mobility solutions, and we can expect this trend to continue in the future.

Today we are going to talk about the sales report of electric scooters that will be available for sale in April 2023, and we will see which company has sold how many scooters and what growth or decline it has experienced compared to the previous month. This month, OLA is still at the top and if we look at it, Bajaj Chetak has made considerable progress compared to last year. Let’s take a look at the sales report of the top 10 electric scooters that will be available for sale in April 2023.

Electric scooterMarch 2023 SalesApril 2023 Sales
OLA Electric21,389 units21,845 units
TVS Motor16,454 units8,727 units
Ampere9344 units8,316 units
Ather Energy12,167 units7,737 units
Bajaj Chetak4,542 units4,008 units
Hero Electric6,640 units3,329 units
Okinawa4,201 units3,216 units
Okaya EV1,720 units1,562 units
Kinetic Green1,591 units848 units
Bgauss Auto781 units770 units

Ola still tops the table

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As usual, Ola Electric remains at the top in the sales of electric two-wheelers this month as well. Ola sold 21,845 units this month, which is 456 units more than last month. This company has been consistently holding the top position for the past few years. On the other hand, TVS witnessed the highest decline in sales this month, with their sales dropping by up to 50%. Additionally, Ather and Hero also experienced a significant decline in their sales.

A rise in Bajaj Chetak Sales

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This month’s positive news highlights the noteworthy surge in sales for Bajaj Chetak. The price reduction strategy implemented by Bajaj has yielded fruitful results, as the sales figures for Chetak have been consistently on the rise. The company has managed to surpass the 4,000 unit sales mark for two months in a row, which is indeed an impressive feat.


In India, people are now preferring to buy electric scooters more, which has led to a significant competition among companies. Due to this competition, every company is striving to bring better technology so that their scooter sales can increase. Additionally, there are many new startups that have emerged in the current times, and they are incorporating unique ideas and features in their scooters to make their mark in the market.

The electric two-wheeler industry in India is experiencing gradual growth, with an increasing number of individuals turning their focus towards electric-powered modes of transportation. As a result, the country has witnessed a rise in the number of electric vehicle start-ups. It is anticipated that in the future, more businesses will venture into this sector with their products, intensifying the competition even further.

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