Avon E Plus Electric Scooter Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed & Features

Avon E Plus Electric Scooter Specifications and Details

The Avon E Plus Electric Scooter is a popular choice for those seeking an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation that doesn’t sacrifice style or performance. This sleek and modern scooter boasts an efficient electric motor, allowing riders to travel up to 50 kms on a single charge. With a top speed of 24 kmph and advanced suspension system, this scooter is perfect for navigating busy city streets with ease. And with its lightweight and compact design, the Avon E Plus is easy to maneuver and park, making it an excellent choice for commuters and urban dwellers alike.

Avon E Plus Electric Scooter Performance and Battery

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Looking for an electric scooter that is both efficient and powerful? Look no further than the Avon E Plus, which boasts a 220 watt BLDC motor that delivers smooth and reliable performance. The 48V/12Ah battery pack is designed to last, providing up to 50 km of travel on a single charge. With a charging time of just 4-8 hours, you’ll spend less time waiting around and more time enjoying your ride.

The Avon E Plus has a top speed of 24 kmph, making it a great option for commuting or running errands around town. Additionally, its motor type – BLDC ensures that you get optimal power and efficiency. With the Avon E Plus, you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, without worrying about running out of juice.

Motor TypeBLDC
Drive TypeHub Motor
Top Speed24 kmph
Battery Capacity48 V/12 Ah
Range50 kms

Avon E Plus Electric Scooter Features

The Avon E Plus electric scooter is equipped with an array of impressive features designed to enhance the riding experience. One of its notable features is the cruise control function, which allows riders to set and maintain a consistent speed without having to manually adjust the throttle. This feature is particularly useful for long rides as it reduces fatigue and ensures a smoother journey. In addition to cruise control, the Avon E Plus also comes with other features such as a digital instrument cluster and tubeless tires for added safety and convenience.

The scooter’s lightweight design and compact frame make it an ideal choice for city commuting and short trips. With its impressive features and reliable performance, the Avon E Plus electric scooter is a great option for anyone looking for an efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation.


The Avon E Plus electric scooter might be just what you need! Priced at around 25,000 rupees, this scooter boasts a range of impressive features, including cruise control, an LED display, and a powerful 220 watt BLDC motor. Its 48V/12Ah battery takes 4-8 hours to charge fully, providing a range of up to 50 km per charge. With a top speed of 24 kmph, the Avon E Plus is perfect for city commuting or short distance travel. Plus, its sleek design and compact size make it easy to maneuver through traffic and park in tight spaces. Don’t miss out on this affordable and convenient electric scooter option.


In conclusion, the Avon E Plus Electric Scooter is a reliable and eco-friendly mode of transportation with a range of impressive features. Its 220 watt BLDC motor and 48 V/12 Ah battery provide a range of up to 50 km per charge and a top speed of 24 kmph. The inclusion of cruise control and tubeless tires adds to the convenience and safety of the rider. Moreover, the affordable price of 25,000 makes it an attractive option for those looking for a budget-friendly electric scooter. Overall, the Avon E Plus Electric Scooter offers a smooth and comfortable ride with features that make it stand out in the market.

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