EVeium COSMO Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed & Features

EVeium COSMO Price & Features

The Indian electric scooter market has gained another promising player with the launch of EVeium’s electric scooters. Among these offerings is the EVeium COSMO, which is targeted towards the urban commuter segment. The electric scooter comes packed with a host of advanced features and specifications that make it a strong contender in the growing EV market.

Design and Looks

The EVeium COSMO is designed to appeal to the modern urban commuter. The scooter boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design, with a dual-tone colour scheme that gives it a stylish and sporty look. The LED headlamps and taillights add to the futuristic design, while the alloy wheels and tubeless tires give it a sturdy and robust appearance.

Battery, Motor and Range


The EVeium COSMO is powered by a Lithium-ion 72V, 30Ah battery that provides it with a range of 80 kilometres on a single full charge. The scooter is equipped with a 2000 W motor that enables it to reach a top speed of 65 km/h. The battery can be fully charged in just 4 hours, making it a convenient option for city commuters who require a quick charging time.


The EVeium COSMO is priced at Rs 1.44 lakh, making it a competitive option in the premium electric scooter segment. While the price may seem steep for some buyers, the features and performance offered by the scooter justify the cost.



The EVeium COSMO comes loaded with advanced features like keyless entry, anti-theft feature, modern LCD display, regenerative braking, mobile app connectivity, find my vehicle feature, real-time tracking, and over-speed alert. The scooter also has multiple riding modes like Eco, Normal, and Sport. The electric scooter is available in six different colours, including Bright Black, Cherry Red, Lemon Yellow, White, Blue, and Grey.


The EVeium COSMO has a kerb weight of 73 kg and a ground clearance of 150 mm. It has a length of 1825 mm, a width of 690 mm, and a height of 1085 mm. The scooter has a seating capacity of two persons, and the maximum load capacity is 150 kg. It also comes equipped with telescopic front suspension and a hydraulic rear suspension that offers a comfortable riding experience.

BatteryLithium-ion 72V, 30Ah
Charging time4 hours
Range80 km (single charge)
Top speed65 km/h
Riding modesEco, Normal, Sport
Keyless entryYes
Anti-theft featureYes
DisplayModern LCD
Regenerative brakingYes
Mobile app connectivityYes
Find my vehicle featureYes
Real-time trackingYes
Over-speed alertYes
Reverse gearNo
ColorsBright Black, Cherry Red, Lemon Yellow, White, Blue, Grey


In conclusion, the EVeium COSMO is an electric scooter that offers a great combination of design, features, and performance. The scooter is ideal for urban commuters who require a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. While the price may be on the higher side, the advanced features and impressive specifications make it a strong contender in the premium electric scooter segment. The EVeium COSMO is definitely worth considering for those looking for a stylish and functional electric scooter.

As the Indian electric scooter segment continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, EVeium has introduced the COSMO at a competitive price point of Rs 1.44 lakh. While some may find the cost of the scooter steep, it is important to note that the COSMO comes packed with several advanced features that are not typically found in other electric scooters in its segment. Investing in a premium electric scooter like the COSMO could be a wise decision in the long run as it provides better performance and reliability compared to its counterparts.

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