Gogoro 2 and 2 Plus Electric Scooter Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed & Specs.

Gogoro 2 and 2 Plus Electric Scooter Specifications and Details

Gogoro Electric, famed for its swappable battery technology, has successfully homologated its Gogoro 2 and 2 Plus electric scooter models in the Indian market. The cars have been certified by the Central Institute of Road and have a range of up to 85 km. The scooters will be imported as Completely Built Units (CBUs) and assembled at the company’s Taiwan factory to meet with Indian requirements. However, because just one battery certification was secured in India, the car will be offered in a variety of designs, as the original vehicle has two swappable batteries.

Gogoro 2 and 2 Plus E-Scooter Features


The Gogoro 2 Plus electric scooter is a wonderful vehicle with several safety and convenience features. Its tire pressure monitoring system ensures a safe and pleasant ride, while its front and rear disc brakes give powerful stopping power. In terms of design, the Gogoro 2 Plus is sleek and stylish. The dual-tone polished dashboard offers a touch of sophistication.

The Gogoro 2 Plus, on the other hand, was created to deliver more than simply flair; it was created to provide an effortless and hassle-free experience. You won’t have to worry about care with its low-maintenance belt drive, and the simple main stand makes parking and maneuvering a pleasure. Furthermore, the front storage area is ideal for keeping things while on the run.

Gogoro 2 and 2 Plus E-Scooter Performance


The Gogoro 2 and 2 Plus electric scooters have the same peak speed of 87 kmph, but they have different continuous power outputs: the Gogoro 2 has 7.2 kW, while the 2 Plus has 6.4 kW. As a result, the advertised ranges of the two models fluctuate, with the Gogoro 2 providing 85km and the 2 Plus providing 97km. It’s worth mentioning that owing to battery certification constraints, the range in India is restricted to 85km and 94km. Both versions feature two peak power variations, 6.4 kW and 7.2 kW. Despite their shorter range, the Gogoro 2 and 2 Plus electric scooters are nonetheless amazing vehicles with exceptional performance capabilities.

Peak Power7 kW
Torque (Wheel)196 Nm
Torque (Motor)26.6 Nm
Reverse AssistYes
Claimed Range170 km
Performance stats

Gogoro 2 and 2 Plus E-Scooter Battery and Range

Gogoro’s battery-swapping technology, which allows customers to exchange depleted batteries with fully charged ones in seconds, has revolutionized the electric car business. This solution not only provides convenience, but it also encourages environmental stewardship via a subscription-based approach in which consumers pay a monthly charge to access the battery-swapping network.

Gogoro also recycles old batteries, resulting in zero waste. However, the battery-swapping method also favors renewable energy sources by allowing for more efficient charging during off-peak hours. Regardless of the variations in power output and stated ranges between the Gogoro 2 and 2 Plus electric scooters, they both use this ingenious battery-swapping mechanism, which distinguishes them from other vehicles in their class.


Width670 mm
Length1880 mm
Height1090 mm
Saddle Height750 mm
Wheelbase1306 mm
Weight122 kg


Indian consumers are anticipating the arrival of Gogoro electric bikes, with the 2 Series model likely to cost roughly Rs. 1.50 Lakh and the Super-sport model price yet to be disclosed, with both slated to ship in 2023-2024. The brand’s breakthrough battery-swapping technology has already created waves in the electric car sector, and now Indian consumers will be able to see for themselves the simplicity and eco-friendliness of Gogoro’s goods. The Gogoro 2 Series and Super-sport models, with their elegant aesthetics and strong performance characteristics, are set to gain a big following in India.


Gogoro’s entry into the Indian electric scooter industry is significant, especially given India’s goal to attain 30% electric mobility by 2030. Gogoro’s unique battery-swapping technology is set to revolutionize the Indian market, especially as the country moves towards electrification. With the capacity to replace low batteries with fully charged ones in seconds, Gogoro has the potential to be a game changer in the Indian market. It would be interesting to observe how Gogoro’s goods do in India’s expanding electric car industry, since their success might open the way for even more inventive and eco-friendly solutions in the future.

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