Komaki SE Electric Scooter Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed & Features

Komaki SE Electric Scooter Price & More

The Komaki SE Electric Scooter, launched by KLB Komaki Pvt Ltd, is considered one of the most comfortable electric scooters in the Indian market. Despite of its being super fast, the scooter’s engineering ensure that the rider is comfortable. The Komaki SE has gained popularity due to its versatility in offering different variants to meet the needs and preferences of riders. In this article, we will explore the features, specifications, and pricing of the Komaki SE Electric Scooter.

Looks, Design & Colors

It has a digital dashboard with a TFT screen, beneficial in reducing eye strain for long rides. The dashboard has a calling and a navigation feature that can be used by rider on unfamiliar locations. The front of the scooter has a sporty bike-like appearance, which sets it apart from other electric scooters in the market. The seats are designed to provide comfortable support, making each ride enjoyable. The scooter includes a 20L boot space, providing ample storage for riders. The headlights and DRLs feature LED lights, and the scooter has a USB port for phone charging. The Scooter is available in the given below color options: Garnet Red, Jet Black, Pure Gold and Royal Blue.

Variants & Price

Komaki SE Electric Scooter
Komaki SE Electric Scooter

The Komaki SE Electric Scooter is available in three variants, each with different battery power, range, top speed, and price. The variants are: Komaki SE eco, Komaki SE sport and Komaki SE sport (Performance upgrade). The prices of the three Scooter models are as follows: Komaki SE eco is worth ₹96,000 ex-showroom, Komaki SE sport is 1.29 lakhs ex-showroom, Komaki SE sport (performance upgrade) is 1.38 lakh ex-showroom. The price of this electric scooter looks pretty good and affordable.

Motor, Battery, Performance & Specification

The Komaki SE Electric Scooter has a 3000w BLDC hub motor, which is ideal for high-speed electric scooters. Its motor has a 50-amp controller integrated with it, regulating the motor’s speed. The LiFePo4 battery’s smart BMS feature makes this electric scooter unique. It has three-speed modes, which function like gears in non-electric vehicles. The rear suspension is a hydraulic one, and the front is telescopic fork. The scooter has dual disc brakes on both wheels.

SpecificationsKomaki SE ecoKomaki SE sportKomaki SE sport (performance upgrade)
Range75-90 km/charge110-140 km/charge150-180 km/charge
Top Speed55-60 km/h75-80 km/h75-80 km/h
Battery62V 35 AH74V 44 AH74V 50 AH
Motor Power3000 W3000 W3000 W
BrakesDual DiscDual DiscDual Disc
SuspensionTelescopic Fork and Hydraulic SuspensionTelescopic Fork and Hydraulic SuspensionTelescopic Fork and Hydraulic Suspension
Smart BMSYesYesYes

Features & Tech

Komaki SE Electric Scooter
Komaki SE Electric Scooter

The Komaki SE Electric Scooter includes several unique features, such as parking assistance, cruise control, and keyless entry and control. Keyless entry and control allow remote locking, unlocking, and starting of the vehicle using radio frequency signals. Cruise control keeps the scooter moving at a constant speed, reducing driver fatigue on long journeys. The parking assistance system alerts the driver to suitable parking spaces during parallel or perpendicular parking. The scooter also has anti-skid technology, ensuring maximum safety.


The Komaki SE Electric Scooter is a comfortable high-speed two-wheeler with unique features, making it a popular choice among riders. However, the pricing of the Komaki SE sport and Komaki SE sport (performance upgrade) variants may seem high when considering their features and specifications. It is recommended to explore other electric scooter options in the market that offer better or equivalent features and specifications at a more affordable price. This is one of the finest electric scooter in Indian market.

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