Komaki Venice Eco Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed & Features

Komaki Venice Eco Price & Features

In recent years, the use of electric vehicles (EVs) has become increasingly popular, thanks to their eco-friendly features and ability to save on fuel costs. Among these EVs, electric scooters are gaining immense popularity due to their affordability and ease of use. The Komaki Venice Eco is a high-speed electric scooter that stands out from other electric scooters on the market due to its innovative design and features. In this article, we will review the Komaki Venice Eco and suggest whether it is worth investing in.

Design and Looks

The Komaki Venice Eco has a sleek and modern design, which gives it a unisex appearance. The seat is specially designed to provide maximum comfort to the rider, even on long journeys. The digital dashboard can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth and has a TFT screen, which is considered a high-quality LCD display variant. The dashboard includes exceptional features such as a calling system, sound system, and navigation system, making it an excellent option for riders who frequently travel to unknown locations

LED headlights, DRL, and taillamps ensure safety while driving at night, giving it a typical non-electric scooter look. The inclusion of a backrest hooked to the grab grill adds an extra layer of safety when two people are riding.


Komaki Venice Eco

The Komaki Venice Eco’s ex-showroom price is 77,000 rupees, making it an affordable option for individuals seeking a high-speed electric scooter. The booking amount for this electric scooter on its website is 799 rupees, and the on-road prices of Komaki Flora differ in every state due to varying tax structures.

Motor, Battery, Range & Top Speed

The Komaki Venice Eco comes with a LiFe Po4 app-based smart battery, which is fire-resistant, making it safer than most electric scooters on the market. A 3000 W hub motor is integrated into the scooter, making it a great choice for high-speed electric scooters. Additionally, a 38-amp controller regulates the speed of the motor. The top speed is approximately 60 km/h, and it takes more than four hours to charge the scooter fully. The scooter has three-speed modes that complement gears in non-electric vehicles, making it a convenient option for those who are used to riding gas-powered scooters.


The Venice Eco has several standout features, including keyless entry and control systems, reverse mode, and anti-skid technology. Keyless entry and control systems allow remote locking, unlocking, and starting of the vehicle using radiofrequency signals. Reverse mode uses radar sensors mounted on the rear side of the scooter to detect objects and prevent collisions. Anti-skid technology is a computerized technology that improves a vehicle’s stability by detecting and reducing the loss of traction. Additionally, Venice Eco has superior suspension on both sides, providing a more comfortable ride.


Komaki Venice Eco

The Venice Eco has a range of 75-100 km per charge and has a LiFe Po4 app-based smart battery. It has a motor power of 3000 W and disc brakes for added safety.

Range75-100 km/charge
BatteryLiFe Po4
Motor Power3000 W
Top SpeedApprox. 60 km/h
Charging Time>4 hours
Colors AvailableSacramento Green, Silver Chrome, Bright Orange, Garnet Red, Jet Black, Metallic Blue
PriceRs. 77,000 (ex-showroom)


Considering safety, visual appeal, and durability, the Komaki Venice Eco is the ideal electric scooter for a working-class audience. The innovative features and sleek design of this scooter make it an excellent option for those seeking an eco-friendly and affordable commuting solution. The LiFe Po4 app-based smart battery, 3000 W hub motor, and exceptional suspension provide a smooth and comfortable riding experience. Furthermore, KLB Komaki Pvt Ltd invests resources in R&D constantly, making it a reliable brand to trust. Overall, we highly recommend investing in the Komaki Venice Eco electric scooter for an eco-friendly and convenient commuting experience.

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