Komaki XGT VP Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed & Performance

Komaki XGT VP Specifications and Details

The Komaki XGT VP is an all-electric scooter that blends performance, aesthetics, and environmental friendliness. The XGT VP is a game changer in the world of electric scooters, thanks to its strong motor, innovative battery technology, and cutting-edge features. This scooter guarantees a smooth and pleasurable ride whether you’re commuting to work, completing errands, or simply enjoying the city. The XGT VP is engineered to satisfy the demands of current riders who appreciate both performance and longevity. Prepare to see the future of urban mobility with the Komaki XGT VP.

Komaki XGT VP Features

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The Komaki XGT VP is a remarkable electric scooter that offers an impressive range of features and advanced technology. It comes equipped with a digital instrument console, speedometer, and tripmeter that provide riders with real-time information about their ride. Additionally, the XGT VP features an anti-theft lock and emergency repair switch, ensuring the safety and security of the vehicle. The scooter also boasts BIS wheels that enhance stability, multiple sensors for self-diagnosis, and wireless updatable features that ensure the latest technology is always at the rider’s fingertips.

Moreover, the VIVID Smart Dash and Smart BMS offer a unique and interactive experience for the rider. The single seat design of the XGT VP is comfortable, and the addition of a passenger backrest ensures a safe and secure ride for both the rider and their companion. The LED headlight, tail light, and turn signal lamps provide excellent visibility, even in low light conditions. Overall, the Komaki XGT VP is a feature-rich electric scooter that offers a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable riding experience.

Komaki XGT VP Performance and Battery

The Komaki XGT VP is a cutting-edge electric scooter with a range of advanced features. It is equipped with a hub motor drive type that offers a smooth and powerful ride, and its 51V/33Ah Lithium-Ion battery provides a range of up to 75-80 km per charge. The battery can be charged in just a few hours, making it a practical and efficient mode of transportation. Additionally, the XGT VP features an automatic transmission that ensures a seamless and effortless ride. With its exceptional performance and eco-friendly credentials, the XGT VP is an ideal option for commuters looking for a sustainable and convenient mode of transportation.


The Komaki XGT VP electric scooter is an affordable and versatile option for riders looking to reduce their carbon footprint. With a starting price of just Rs 65,000 and four different variants, riders can select the one that best fits their budget and needs. The battery capacity and voltage vary across the four variants, allowing for a more tailored experience. Despite its affordable price tag, the XGT VP does not skimp on features, with advanced options such as multiple sensors, self-diagnosis, and wireless updatable features. Overall, the XGT VP is an excellent option for those seeking an eco-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation.


The Komaki XGT VP electric scooter offers an economical and adaptable solution for riders who want to minimize their environmental impact. With a base price of just Rs 65,000 and four variants to choose from, riders can opt for the one that fits their budget and preferences best. The four variants vary in battery capacity and voltage, allowing for a more customized riding experience.

Despite being budget-friendly, the XGT VP is packed with advanced features such as an emergency repair switch, BIS wheels that enhance stability, and a VIVID smart dash. Additionally, the XGT VP comes with a self-diagnosis system and wireless updatable features, making it a reliable and efficient option for riders. In summary, the Komaki XGT VP is an exceptional electric scooter that offers cost-effective and eco-friendly transportation without compromising on quality or features.

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