Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar are all set to enter the EV market by 2025

Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar EVs Details and Specification

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed its ambitious future ambitions, which include the introduction of multiple electrified vehicles. Customers will be able to make orders for the electric Range Rover by the end of 2023, while further information regarding Jaguar’s first of three new EVs, a four-door GT, due to appear in 2025, will be disclosed. In addition, the firm will unveil a new platform called electrified modular architecture (EMA), which will serve as the cornerstone for its medium-sized electric SUVs. Furthermore, as part of a £15 billion investment in its plants, Land Rover’s Halewood factory is being converted into an all-electric production facility. In 2025, this factory will create the all-electric Range Rover vehicle.

Land Rover and Range Rover EV Details

Land Rover

Land Rover will continue to employ the modular longitudinal architecture (MLA) for its Range Rover and Range Rover Sport vehicles despite the advent of electrified modular architecture (EMA). The MLA platform is built to support internal combustion engines, hybrid powertrains, and battery-electric cars, giving the brand flexibility in meeting market demands. The forthcoming electric Range Rover, expected to go on sale in 2025, will be the first Land Rover vehicle to use the EMA platform, as will the brand’s medium-sized electric SUVs. With these new EVs, Land Rover hopes to address the rising demand for sustainable transportation options while maintaining the brand’s performance, luxury, and off-road capabilities.

Jaguar Land Rover has enormous ambitions for its UK manufacturing plants. The Halewood facility will become an all-electric production hub, while the Engine production Centre in Wolverhampton will be renamed the Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Centre and will focus on building electric drive units and battery packs for the brand’s next-generation cars. This decision underlines the company’s commitment to sustainable transportation solutions and coincides with its GBP 15 billion investment in its industrial footprint, vehicle programmes, and digital technology. The investment also intends to improve its workforce’s capabilities and foster innovation in autonomous and AI technologies, ensuring that JLR remains at the forefront of the automotive industry.

Jaguar teased a 4-door GT Electric car

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Jaguar has revealed plans to deliver the first of three new electric vehicles on its JEA platform in 2025. The four-door GT will be priced at £100,000 and will have a range of up to 430 miles. The EV will have a greater power output than any prior Jaguar car, according to the company. Manufacturing will take place in the company’s Solihull plant. JLR will also invest in a variety of sectors, including its manufacturing footprint, vehicle programs, and digital technology, with an emphasis on autonomous systems.

The corporation will also change the name of its Engine Manufacturing Centre to the Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Centre, and it will transition from making internal combustion engines to creating electric drive units and battery packs. These moves reflect Jaguar’s commitment to sustainability and technological innovation in the automotive industry.

JLR plans for the future EVs

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Jaguar Land Rover CEO Adrian Mardell has reaffirmed the company’s commitment to its Reimagine strategy, which aims to position the company as a luxury electric carmaker by 2030. JLR plans to achieve a net cash-positive position by FY25 and double-digit earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) by 2026. The company will invest in making one of its UK plants and next-generation medium-sized luxury SUV architecture fully electric to enable it to deliver its modern luxury electric future.

JLR will also adopt a House of Brands approach, amplifying the unique character of each of its brands. The company announced that the first of three reimagined electric Jaguars will be a 4-door GT built in Solihull in the UK, with more details to be released later this year. The vehicle will be more powerful than any previous Jaguar, have a range of up to 700 kilometers, and will be priced from GBP 100,000. Client deliveries are set to begin in 2025.


JLR CEO Adrian Mardell declared that the business’s latest investment will help the company realise its aim of being a contemporary luxury electric manufacturer, gain new talents, and remain dedicated to attaining carbon neutrality by 2039. JLR will deploy a “House of Brands” approach as part of its plan to emphasise the distinct identities of each of its brands, including Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, and Jaguar.

The company has also reaffirmed its dedication to the previously stated Reimagine strategy, which includes ambitions to produce three reinvented electric Jaguars. The first of these cars will be a four-door GT with a range of up to 700 km and more power than any previous Jaguar model. It will be built in JLR’s Solihull plant in the West Midlands, UK, and will feature JEA architecture. The EV will start at GBP 100,000 and will be available in certain regions in 2024, with customer deliveries starting in 2025.

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