Ola Electric has installed 100 Ola Hyperchargers in 50 locations in Bengaluru

Ola Electric installs 100 Ola Hyperchargers in 50 locations in Bengaluru Details

Ola Electric, a well-known electric car manufacturer, is rapidly developing its Ola Hypercharger network throughout India. The gorgeous city of Bengaluru, commonly known as Namma Bengaluru by the locals, is their first stop on their fascinating journey. Ola Electric is exhibiting their dedication to revolutionizing the country’s electric car infrastructure with this daring move, giving an exciting experience to drivers and passengers alike. Because Bengaluru is Ola Electric’s headquarters, it makes sense for the company to expand its fast-charging network there. The Ola hyper charger station offers DC rapid charging, allowing for a range of 50 km in just 15 minutes of charging and a state of charge of up to 70%.

The Move OS 3 platform enables consumers to easily find a super charger via the digital dashboard of the S1 electric scooter, while the Ola app provides real-time information on the scooter’s charging process on the user’s phone. With over two lakh electric two-wheeler owners in India, Ola Electric must be prepared to build a comprehensive charging network to meet the charging needs of its clients.

Ola Hyperchargers in Bengaluru

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Ola Electric has set a high goal of revitalizing Bengaluru’s streets by placing 100 Ola Hyperchargers in 50 different locations. Their ambition is to change the city by expanding the usage of electric vehicles. With the introduction of the Hypercharger network, electric vehicle owners can now enjoy a pleasant and speedy charging experience, with full charging lasting only 15 minutes.

The Ola Hyperchargers are strategically placed around the city, making them easily accessible and never far away. The Hyperchargers promise to make charging electric vehicles a simple and easy process, whether it’s for a daily commute, a social event, or a long-distance travel. Ola Electric is driven to make electric car ownership more appealing and sustainable for everyone, paving the path for a greener and cleaner future.

Ola to provide free charging at the Hypercharger network

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Ola Electric has made an important step towards fostering environmentally friendly living by temporarily giving free charging at all of its Hypercharger stations in Bengaluru. The Hypercharger can charge an Ola S1 Pro to 70% in a matter of minutes, which is expected to persuade more people to purchase electric vehicles. However, the charging length and range of the vehicle will be governed by a number of factors like as the scooter’s age, ambient temperature, and scooter temperature.

The Ola Hypercharger network is a crucial step towards making Bengaluru cleaner and greener. It will enable for a more quick and efficient transition to electric transportation, allowing people to commute in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Ola Electric is making admirable efforts to build a more sustainable future, and their activities are certain to encourage others to follow suit in order to safeguard our world.

How to use the Ola Hypercharger

You have two options for finding a charging station: either your Ola electric app or the dashboard of your scooter. When you arrive at the charging station, look for an available charging outlet and connect the charging socket to your scooter. The charging process will start automatically, and your scooter dashboard will display a ‘Hypercharging’ screen with an estimated time for your vehicle to reach 70% charge. To stop charging, just press the ‘terminate Charging’ button on your scooter’s dashboard. The warning ‘Unplug the charger immediately’ displays on your screen when you switch off the charger. Finally, you may remove the charger from your scooter and resume driving.


The installation of 100 Hyperchargers by Ola Electric in 50 places around Bengaluru is a big step towards encouraging sustainable living and decreasing carbon footprint. The charging stations’ handy placement and rapid charging period of about 15 minutes will encourage more people to convert to electric vehicles. Furthermore, the free charging offer for a limited time will act as an incentive for individuals to switch to eco-friendly transportation. Ola’s dedication to creating a cleaner, greener future for Bengaluru is remarkable, and it serves as a model for others to follow. Their attempts to build a massive network of Hyperchargers will surely hasten the transition to electric transportation, allowing people to travel in a more ecologically responsible and efficient manner.

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