Shema Bold Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed & Features

Shema Bold Specifications and Details

If you’re on the lookout for an electric scooter that combines functionality with aesthetics, then the Shema Bold is an excellent choice. Equipped with a powerful 250 watt motor, it can achieve a top speed of 25 kmph, making it an ideal choice for short commutes and city rides. Additionally, the 60V / 30Ah battery offers a claimed range of 100 km per charge, allowing you to travel without worrying about running out of power. Furthermore, the Shema Bold boasts a sleek, contemporary design that is bound to catch everyone’s attention. So, there’s no reason to hesitate. Be prepared to hit the road in style with the Shema Bold electric scooter!

Shema Bold Features

Zig Wheels

The Shema Bold electric scooter is designed to provide an extraordinary riding experience, and its remarkable features make it stand out from the competition. It features a digital speedometer and tripmeter to provide accurate information on your speed and distance traveled, and navigation features that make it easier to navigate through roads.

The bike’s 6 AMPS charger and smart charger keep the battery charged and ready to use at all times. The comfortable single-seat offers a smooth and enjoyable ride, while the LED headlights, tail lights, and turn signal lamps ensure maximum visibility and safety on the road. The Shema Bold electric scooter is perfect for everyday commuting or leisurely rides, and its numerous features make it a top choice for riders seeking both style and functionality.

Shema Bold Performance and Battery

The Shema Bold is a sleek and stylish electric scooter that offers impressive performance and features. It has been designed to provide efficient and long-lasting performance, making it an excellent choice for daily commuters and urban riders. The scooter is powered by a 250-watt motor, which provides ample power to reach a top speed of 25 kmph. Additionally, it is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 60V / 30Ah, giving it a claimed range of 100 km on a single charge.

The battery is also backed by a 3-year warranty, ensuring that riders can rely on it for long-term use. It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery, which is a reasonable amount of time considering the range it offers. The Shema Bold’s battery features are one of its most impressive selling points, making it a reliable and efficient choice for those looking for an eco-friendly mode of transportation

Battery Capacity60V / 30Ah
Top Speed25 kmph
Motor Power250 W
Range100 km
Charging Time4-5 hours
Performance stats


Width650 mm
Length1700 mm
Height1100 mm
Load Carrying Capacity150 kg


Shema Bold comes with a powerful motor and advanced features, making it an excellent option for electric bike enthusiasts in India. With a price tag of Rs. 91,000, it offers good value for money considering its impressive range, top speed, and battery capacity. The Shema Bold STD variant is priced competitively and comes with a three-year battery warranty, making it a cost-effective and reliable option for those looking for an electric bike. Overall, the pricing of Shema Bold is reasonable, and it is a great investment for anyone looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation.


In summary, the Shema Bold electric scooter is a reliable and efficient vehicle that offers an impressive combination of power, range, and features. Its 250 watt motor and 60V/30Ah lithium-ion battery provide a top speed of 25 kmph and a claimed range of up to 100 km on a single charge. The 3-year battery warranty also ensures its durability and long-term performance, making it a worthwhile investment for eco-conscious individuals who value quality and efficiency. Overall, the Shema Bold is an affordable and eco-friendly mode of transportation that doesn’t compromise on performance, making it an excellent choice for daily commuting or leisurely rides.

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