Thunderbolt EZ Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed & Features

Thunderbolt EZ Specifications and Details

The Thunderbolt EZ is an electric scooter that stands out for its remarkable features, especially its potent hub motor that offers seamless and efficient power delivery. Its lithium-ion battery has a sizeable capacity of 60V / 25Ah, which guarantees long-lasting performance and reliability. It claims to cover a distance of 80-90 km on a single charge, making it a desirable option for daily commutes and short trips within the city. While the charging time for the battery is not explicitly mentioned, it is expected to be reasonable enough to ensure a full recharge. Overall, the Thunderbolt EZ is an impressive eco-friendly mode of transportation that proves to be both dependable and convenient.

Thunderbolt EZ Features

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The Thunderbolt EZ is packed with a range of features that make it an excellent electric bike option. With its digital instrument console, riders can easily keep track of speed and other important information, while the anti-theft alarm ensures that the bike is secure at all times. The USB charging port is a convenient addition, allowing riders to charge their devices on-the-go. The single seat and passenger footrest provide comfortable seating options, and the LED headlight, tail light, and turn signal lamps ensure maximum visibility on the road.

The Thunderbolt EZ also comes equipped with DRLs, or daytime running lights, which enhance visibility during the day and improve safety for riders. With all of these features and more, the Thunderbolt EZ is a top-of-the-line electric bike that offers both style and function.

Thunderbolt EZ Performance and Battery

The Thunderbolt EZ is an impressive electric scooter that boasts a powerful hub motor capable of delivering efficient and seamless power. Designed for long-lasting performance and reliability, it is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 60V / 25Ah. This ensures that the electric scooter can cover a claimed distance of 80-90 km on a single charge, making it an excellent option for daily commutes or short trips around town.

Although the charging time for the battery is not explicitly stated, it is expected to be reasonable enough to fully recharge the battery. With its remarkable performance and long battery life, the Thunderbolt EZ proves to be a dependable and convenient mode of transportation for anyone seeking an eco-friendly alternative.


The Thunderbolt EZ is a cost-effective electric scooter that delivers exceptional value for money. Its price point of Rs. 57,999 is among the most competitive in the market without sacrificing quality and features. This makes it an ideal option for those who desire a reliable and efficient electric scooter without straining their finances. The Thunderbolt EZ is perfect for daily errands, city commutes, and short distance trips, thanks to its impressive range and performance. Its affordability also positions it as a top choice for eco-conscious riders seeking to transition to electric mobility. The Thunderbolt EZ offers a compelling option that balances affordability with quality and performance, making it a top contender in the e-scooter market.


To sum up, the Thunderbolt EZ presents an excellent opportunity for those seeking an economical electric scooter without sacrificing on quality and functionality. Its sleek and stylish design, coupled with advanced features such as the digital instrument console, anti-theft alarm, USB charging port, and LED lighting, offers a premium look at an affordable price point. Furthermore, its lithium-ion battery offers a reasonable range of 80-90 km/charge, making it suitable for everyday travel requirements. All in all, the Thunderbolt EZ stands as a reliable and user-friendly mode of transportation that is both eco-friendly and effective, making it an optimal choice for riders looking to contribute to a sustainable future.

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