Tork Kratos X Electric Bike Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed & Features

Tork Kratos X Electric Bike Price & Features

The landscape of the electric motorcycle industry is constantly evolving, with new players entering the market and established brands pushing the boundaries of innovation. Pune-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, Tork Motors, has recently unveiled their latest offering, the Tork Kratos X, at the Auto Expo 2023. With upgraded features and impressive specifications, the Kratos X is generating excitement among motorcycle enthusiasts and EV enthusiasts alike. Let’s take a closer look at what this electric motorcycle has to offer.

Design and Looks

The design of the Tork Kratos X is reminiscent of its predecessor, the Kratos R, with a few noticeable changes. The overall build quality is commendable, and the bike has a sporty feel that is likely to appeal to the younger generation. While not drastically different from the Kratos R in terms of visuals, the Kratos X does feature a larger motor, indicating potential improvements in performance and power.

Price and Launch

Tork Kratos X

As of now, the Tork Kratos X is expected to be launched by mid-2023, and the official price has not yet been announced. With no signs of pre-booking available, it is difficult to estimate the exact price range of the Kratos X. However, if Tork manages to price it competitively, it could potentially disrupt the electric motorcycle market with its features and specifications.

Motor, Battery, Range & Top Speed

The Tork Kratos X is powered by a 4 kWh battery, with a motor that peaks at 9 kWh, delivering impressive performance. The motorcycle is expected to provide a real-world range of approximately 120 kilometers, making it a suitable option for daily commuting and short trips. The Kratos X also boasts a top speed that is likely to appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts, although the exact speed has not been revealed yet. With its powerful motor and ample range, the Kratos X promises an exciting and efficient riding experience.


Tork Kratos X

The Tork Kratos X comes loaded with advanced features that enhance its appeal. One notable feature is the 7-inch TFT display, which is touch-controlled and allows for keyless operation. The motorcycle can be unlocked using a smartphone, adding convenience and modernity to the riding experience. Tork has also showcased their charging infrastructure, which includes a home mount charger with a rating of 750 watts, capable of charging the motorcycle from 20% to 80% in around 4 hours. Tork has also developed a fast-charging infrastructure that can charge the bike from 20% to 80% in just 1 hour, showcasing their commitment to providing efficient charging solutions for their customers.


MotorUpgraded motor with 9 kWh peak power
Battery4 kWh battery
RangeReal-world range of about 120 kilometers
Top SpeedNot mentioned
Charging TimeHome mount charger: 4 hours (20% to 80%)
Fast charging: 1 hour (20% to 80%)
Display7-inch TFT touch-controlled display
KeylessMotorcycle can be unlocked with a smartphone
Charging OptionsHome mount charger (750 watts)
Portable charger (to be released)
Fast charging infrastructure

The Tork Kratos X Electric Motorcycle boasts impressive specifications that make it a promising choice for electric motorcycle enthusiasts. With an upgraded motor offering a peak power of 9 kWh and a 4 kWh battery, it delivers a real-world range of about 120 kilometers, making it suitable for daily commutes and short trips. The 7-inch TFT touch-controlled display adds a modern and convenient user interface, allowing for easy control of the motorcycle’s functions. The keyless feature, which allows the motorcycle to be unlocked with a smartphone, adds an additional layer of convenience for the rider.

The charging options are also noteworthy, with a home mount charger rated at 750 watts that can charge the motorcycle from 20% to 80% in around 4 hours, and a fast charging infrastructure that can charge from 20% to 80% in just 1 hour. These specifications, combined with its sporty design, make the Tork Kratos X an attractive choice for the younger generation of riders who are looking for a powerful and convenient electric motorcycle.


    The Tork Kratos X electric motorcycle is an exciting addition to the EV market, offering advanced features, impressive specifications, and a sporty design. With a potential real-world range of 120 kilometers, fast-charging options, and a touch-controlled display, the Kratos X promises a futuristic and convenient riding experience. However, the exact price and performance details are yet to be revealed, and it will be interesting to see how Tork Motors positions the Kratos X in the competitive electric motorcycle segment. If priced competitively, the Kratos X has the potential to be a game-changer in the EV industry, appealing to both motorcycle enthusiasts and environmentally-conscious riders.

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